On-Premise Enterprise AI Assistants!

Shape the future of your organization by maximizing its safety and reliability with QAnswer-powered On-Premise AI Agents. Our in-house LLM technology delivers uncompromisable security for your data and digital systems.

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Why choose QAnswer On-Premise?

You have a business requirement that prevents you from moving to Cloud?

Installing and running QAnswer directly on your local devices will ensure full control over your digital systems and will grant you complete access to QAnswer's features and advanced capabilities.

Stay at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge technology while balancing governance and autonomy with QAnswer.

Cloud vs On-Premise: Discover your ideal fit

RECOMMENDED for the majority

Cloud (SaaS)

(Software as a Service)

Subscribe to QAnswer's SaaS-based license and leverage top-tier cloud tech to ensure scalable, reliable and secure services with high performance.

Supported by continuously updated services and protected platform/framework, allowing organizations to prioritize their business needs.


RECOMMENDED for sensitive activities


(Self-hosted and managed)

Unlock the full potential of generative AI and safeguard your data with the On-Premise QAnswer license.

Hosting QAnswer on your internal infrastructure guarantees unparalleled independence, advanced security features with complete access to your data.

Benefits of On-Premise QAnswer

Powered by trust, defined by reliability and precision in performance.
Data Protection

Ensuring 100% data ownership and safeguarding against data leaks.

Unique Solution

Takes advantage of QAnswer's unique on-site generative AI licensed software

Personalize to your needs

Limitless potential with custom configuration possibilities

Advanced Security

Provides enhanced privacy features for stringent confidentiality and assuring maximum data security

System Safety

High governance over your digital systems, allowing full control over your data

Cost Efficiency

Affordable On-Premise solution for long-term investment over third-party cloud services

Easy deployment & Quick integration

Our proficient service and support team ensures setup, installation, configuration, staff training, maintenance and assistance.


To run QAnswer you need:
  • a Linux distribution (we use Ubuntu by default)
  • a GPU with at least 24GB of memory (we recommend NVIDIA® RTX™ 3090)
  • Docker

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