QAnswer presents WikidataComplete

The QA Company presents WikidataComplete! Most of world's knowledge is encoded in an unstructured way in the form of free text. Would it not be great if we could convert this knowledge in structured form! This is our aim with WikidataComplete!

QAnswer WikidataComplete

WikidataComplete was developed by Bernhard Kratzwald, Kunpeng GUO and me (Dennis Diefenbach).

Here a little history of this project ....

I was in 2019 at the Web Conference in San Francisco presenting a poster. Also Bernhard was there but I didn't knew him yet. During the poster session he passed by and he asked me quite a bit of questions. One or two days later I had the chance to listen to the work he was presenting. I found it intresting but at the first glance nothing more. It was only on my way home, that I had an idea! We could build up on his current work to extract new structured knowledge from free text. A pretty diffcult problem! Some months passed, I was not sure if I should contact him or not, but finally I did. And from there on, we worked pretty intensively on it. The combination of our skills was a really good match and after some more month we finally had a prototype. So thankfull for the results Bernhard could bring up! Guo joint as an intern at our place several month later. He did a great work in putting together all pieces and create this demo. Hopefully we can make a lot of Wikidata edits with it. And it is not finished, we are still working on it .... let's see what the future will bring! Cool stuff I think ; )

We want to thank the following people for their contributions and support:

  • Stephan Feuerrigel, for his scientific advise on this subject and for his support to follow this path.
  • Pierre Maret, for his support to this project and the feedback he gave!
  • Users, the many users that tested the application in the beginning and that gave their feedback to improve it! That's it! I hope I didn't forget anybody!

QAnswer WikidataComplete Demo

That's it! Enjoy.

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