Wikidata / Wikibase ? The EU Knowledge Graph?

In the last year we have deployed a Wikibase instance for the European Commission and ingested different data sources.

Wikidata/Wikibase? The EU Knowledge Graph

Many of you probably know Wikidata, the Wikipedia sister project that stores structured data! It evolved to a central hub in the web of data and is one of the largest existing knowledge graphs. Wikidata today contains 93 Million items that are maintained in a community effort. An incredible amount of 1,3 Billion edits have been made by 26 thousand active users. Wikidata today contains information about a widespread number of topics like people, taxons, countries, chemical compounds...

The information in Wikidata is used by search engines such as Google search and also smart assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. One of the main success factors of Wikidata is its community of editors. The second one is the software behind Wikidata: Wikibase.

More information on our journey with the European Commission will follow.

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