QAnswer at The Web Conference 2019

The QA Company is showing the latest features of QAnswer at The Web Conference 2019! We have worked a lot to make the search better and to be able to query new datasets and languages.

You can find our article here!

The QA Company at The Web Conference 2019

Here the key new features:

  • We are quering more languages including also non-european languages like arabic and chinese! Does chinese looks difficult? In fact it is a pretty simple language only that you need to memorise a lot ... but computers are good at that!
QAnswer - Querying Arabic (None-European) Language
  • We are adding openstreetmap as a dataset to query. Currently only Europe is supported which makes up 50% of the current openstreetmap export. The rest of the world is coming hopefully soon. So now you can ask for fountains, post boxes, fountains, restaurants and so much more! Openstreetmap is great!
Openstreet Map Dataset
  • We added the Lexeme extension of Wikidata. So now we can answer more questions about tenses, forms and pronunciation. Cool!
Lexeme Extension of Wikidata
  • We are also offering as a Fallback a traditional search engine called Qwant. So if we do not find an answer to your question in the underlying Knwoledge-Bases we can give back a list of potential web sites where the information you are searching could be contained. Thank you to Qwant for allowing to embedd their service!
Traditional Search Engine
  • Finally we made a new export of Musicbrainz, one of the biggest databases about music! You should be able to find your favourite music group and to directly see youtube videos form them.
A new Export of Musicbrainz (music database)

Thanks! See you again.

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